Leave Your Legacy Among the Stars

Baby Orion aims to allow individuals to leave their legacy in the outer space Metaverse. BABYO Token, NFTs will be interconnected with Baby Orion’s Outer Space Metaverse. Earn BUSD Rewards. 


Baby Orion, the son of Orion, who is the great hunter, according to Greek mythology, is heading into space. He needs your help getting to daddy Orion that’s way up in the galaxy. For your community support Baby Orion will give you BUSD rewards. You must hold a minimum of 100,000 BABYO. As the community grows, HODLs, and buys/sells happen so does your BABYO value & BUSD rewards increase. Baby Orion has milestones to reach along his journey to include Farming/staking, CMC/CG/CEX LISTINGS, NFTs, Baby Orion Outer Space Metaverse, and marketcap milestones.

Baby Orion’s Token, NFTs will be interconnected with Baby Orion’s Outer Space Metaverse. This Metaverse will allow individuals to leave a lasting legacy among the stars. You’ll earn BUSD along your galaxy journey.

Token Distribution

BABYO Tokenomics

Total 10% Buy/Sell Tax

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BABY ORION Token Address


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BABYO Rewards and Benefits

BUSD Rewards for supporting Baby Orion.

Antiwhale Feature 1% Max sell per single transaction of total BABYO supply.
Auto Liquidity for price stability.
Auto Burn to reduce token supply.


Must Hold Minimum 100,000 BABYO
BUSD Rewards will increase with Milestones

BUSD Rewards Increase with each Milestone

Marketcap BUSD Reward %
500,000 6%
1,000,000 7%

Tax will remain at 10%
MC will be based on
MC must be above each level for 12 hours before reward takes effect


Click and hold on a phase box. Then scroll sideways to see complete phases.

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* Baby Orion may have some surprises along the way. *