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Limited Edition
100 (5 of each art style)

Floor Price
0.5 ETH
Only available on the Ethereum Network

Baby Orion Moon Eclipse is comprised of two primary traits, art style and outer space background. 20 art styles have been selected along with one background for this limited edition. 
Moon eclipse is the primary background trait for this edition. Why a moon eclipse? Moon eclipses are one of the most fascinating and dramatic sights in the sky. The moon is said to affect one’s emotions, behaviors. It affects the ocean’s tides. An eclipse can represent parts of your life that need focusing on. Moon eclipses are fascinating and draws human attention. 
Art styles represent human interpretation of life and symbolism. Life is forever changing. Art style and the moon change periodically. The one constant is you, the individual, which is represented by Baby Orion. Grab an NFT and be a part of something great!

About Baby Orion Galaxy NFTs

Baby Orion Galaxy NFTs is where Art meets Outer Space. There will be several editions of NFTs. NFTs will have future utility on earth and premium utility in Baby Orion’s Outer Space Metaverse. These precious NFTs are created with two primary traits, AI Art and Outer Space Background. Baby Orion will be the central iconic character.
Deeper meaning of these NFTs. Outer Space is a journey as is life. Life is dynamic and full of variables, ever changing. The main constant is the life traveler, which represents you. Art can be interpreted and appreciated in many ways. These NFTs are one avenue of interpretation and appreciation.

NFT Roadmap

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